Access advice and support from experienced business mentors

Having a great business idea or growth strategy is one thing. Understanding how to turn your plans into reality is another.

Mashora connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with experienced mentors who have the skills, expertise and insights to help them achieve their business goals.

It is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform where mentors and mentees can connect to share knowledge, discuss challenges and exchange ideas.

  • Find mentors
  • Choose by specialism, experience and industry
  • Book meetings and video conferencing calls
  • Benefit from new perspectives and ideas

For Entrepreneurs

Set up your profile to let people know who you are, share your vision and outline the support you are looking for
Find profiles of mentors who have the experience, background, and knowledge you need
Reach out to potential mentors, start a conversation and find out if they are the right source of support for you
Once you’ve found a mentor, start to build your relationship. Ask questions. Listen to their advice. Learn from their experience. Grow your business!

How it works

  1. Set up your company profile.
  2. Identify suitable mentors.
  3. Start the conversation.
  4. Access top quality advice and insights